Anne Thibault, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board

As a 30-year veteran of Hamilton Campaigns, Anne Thibault has experience with virtually every aspect of political research. Before coming to Hamilton Campaigns, Anne worked on three statewide campaigns in Massachusetts and spent a year in the polling division of Edmund Muskie's Presidential Campaign.

Throughout the mid-1970s, Anne served as coding director and then Director of Tabulation at what was then Hamilton & Staff. After her work in the firm's technical departments, she became a senior analyst for political clients, conducting analysis for Senatorial, Congressional and mayoral candidates.

In 1980, Anne established the Hamilton Campaigns affiliate of National Research, Inc. (NRI). Under Anne's direction, what began as a small 15-station central phone operation has grown to a 55-station, fully automated facility that handles over 100,000 interviews a year for both Hamilton Campaigns and outside clients.

Anne now serves as Chairman of the Board.  She holds a BA in Psychology from American International College.