About Us: Our Philosophy

Members of the Hamilton Campaign team all work under a philosophical guidelines that we refer to as "The Hamilton Way."

"We help campaigns make strategic decisions utilizing the best tools and data available and in the process change the world for the better."

The core values of what we do are:

  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of work we produce and for ensuring that what we deliver is accurate.
  • We are honest with ourselves and our clients.
  • We should be a reliable, proactive, positive part of every project with which we are involved.
  • The more we learn, the better we are, whether we learn from our mistakes, each other or our clients.
  • As a group, we strive to innovate, update and improve upon what we do.

We spend more time caring about each other, our families, our clients, our community and the quality of our work than we spend worrying about profits. If we do our job right, we will succeed.

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