We use advanced statistical analysis and mapping to develop a full understanding of your targeted area, so that targeting is based on the unique performance of targeted voters, not simply assumptions from similar areas.

To complement our advanced statistical analysis we produce maps from the state level down to the precinct level, as a way to help campaigns visualize where their targeted electorate lives and develop a strategy on how to reach them. Mapping also illustrates the differences between election cycles that help make decisions for the future.


Latest Maps

2012 North Carolina Marriage Referendum

On May 8, 2012, North Carolina voted on Amendment One to the state constitution. See below for county-level results compared to evangelical and black percentages. Click the image for a larger version, and click here for more maps from Hamilton Campaigns.



April 24, 2012 Democratic Pennsylvania Primary

Precinct-level maps for two competitive primaries for Congress in the 12th and 17th Districts are below. Click each map to enlarge.





April 3, 2012 Orlando Mayoral Election

Hamilton Campaigns client Buddy Dyer won re-election as Mayor of Orlando, Florida with a strong absentee ballot strategy and targeted field efforts. Despite a low turnout election, Dyer defeated 3 opponents and avoided a runoff election.