Approach: Polling & Survey Research

Hamilton Campaigns is the oldest partisan polling firm in the country and has been at the forefront of the survey research industry around the world for over 45 years. We have built one of the most successful track records in the business electing candidates at every level from mayor to U.S. Senate, from state house to U.S. House, in every state and in 22 countries.

While we pride ourselves on sound fundamentals established over the past 40 years, we continue to build on the basics to remain on the cutting edge of public opinion research. At Hamilton Campaigns we use innovative polling techniques to give our clients a clear picture of prevailing public opinion.

We recognize that no two campaigns are alike and that's why we tailor each project to our client's specific needs. We study the issue environment and identify the public's existing knowledge and underlying attitudes. Then we help you find the most receptive target audiences, and determine which messages are most effective with those audiences. Finally, as a clearer picture emerges, we work with your entire campaign team to develop your communications and test each element for its impact.

We remain a vital strategic partner of your team throughout the campaign by helping translate polling data into winning decisions.