We are adept at all aspects of quantitative and qualitative research and pride ourselves on our innovative techniques.

Advanced Statistical Methods: When analyzing survey results, most polling firms employ simple percentages and crosstabs. But we go beyond these basic analytic tools to get more useful information out of the data. Regression analysis, CART and CHAID, and cluster and factor analysis are a few of the statistical techniques that we use to paint a clearer picture of your target universe. These methods are valuable tools to identifying what drives the image of your candidate or company, to segment target groups that are most important for communication, and for determining the psychographic profile of your voters or customers.

Focus Group Research: Focus groups are a method for study that allow us to perform in-depth listening and analysis. They are used to understand what drives personal opinions and gain insights on how respondents view an issue, candidate or product. In approaching focus group studies, we use our experience and data to determine the best geographic areas and targets for groups and then design sharp and creative discussion guides for our skilled moderators. We dig deep into discussions to go beyond top-of-mind reactions and learn what is behind respondent opinions.

Online Surveys: While telephone surveys remain the highest standard when researching the general public there are projects where web surveys are an effective alternative. More targeted studies among certain demographics or using membership lists are examples where internet surveys provide an accurate alternative. We also employ this medium to test advertising among target voters or consumers to help evaluate and fine tune ads before they reach the airwaves.

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International and Multilingual Research